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Middle School 8-Week Off-Season Cross Country Training Plan

26 Pages of Daily Training (5 days per week)

On Sale (29.99) through June

Workouts have a long-term approach and are divided into three groups:

  • 8th Graders

  • 7th Graders

  • 6th Graders

Each day of the training plan includes three sections: Pre-Run Routines

  • DynaMob

  • Sprint Drills

The Primary Workout for the day, which includes

  • Long Runs

  • Lactate Threshold Development

  • VO2 Training

  • Race Speed Training

  • Speed Development

Post-Run Routines

  • Strength

  • Core

  • Mobility

Included Documents

  • User's Guide

  • 8 Week Off-Season Cross Country Training Plan w/ detailed, daily training for all training groups

  • Printable Pre/Post Run Routines

  • Middle School-Specific Training Intensity Chart to optimize workouts

  • Race Pace Chart

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