Coaching Distance is designed to be a place where distance coaches can learn, share ideas and connect. 

Initially, I created this website for myself.  I needed a place - other than my Google Drive and Bookmarks-  to organize all of the training files, articles and links that I have found useful.

After some thought, I decided I should stop being an information hoarder, and perhaps other coaches might be able to use some of these tools to help their teams get better.  

Furthermore, I love learning from other coaches and sometimes it's hard to find time to connect.   I hope this website allows genuine sharing of ideas.  

Coaching Distance does require registration.  I guess this makes it sort of a "gated community" for like-minded coaches.  Registration is designed to enhance the quality of the community.   I won't post ads, but you might see a book linked to Amazon here and there or Training Plans for sale.   Any sales from these items, or commision generated help sustain the website. 

Please contact me with any questions about the website & beyond.

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