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Lydiard Training for High School and College Distance Runners

Nobby Hashizume, who lived and learned from Lydiard provided 90 minutes of stories and application of the Lydiard method for high school and college teams. I was glued to the screen the entire time.

A couple of things that here highlights for me:

  • Quality aerobic running is key: ie. an 18 mile mid-week Medium-Long Run by Anne Audain that was 5:45-6:00 pace

  • Peter Snell and Murray Halburg's Aerobic Conditioning Phase being virtually the same

  • A reminder that Lydaird took a bunch of athletes from tiny New Zealand to the top of the world

  • The realization that it's easier to peak when it counts if you've had a huge aerobic conditioning phase

  • Multiple "long/long-ish runs" per week works

  • Irv Ray and Tony Benson's book, Run With the Best is a treasure (if you can ever find it)

I came away a better coach after learning from Nobby and I know you will, too.

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