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This is the hub for D-Crew Members.  Use this page to access all of the benefits and features of being a D-Crew Members.  

If you have any questions regarding membership, contact 


The highlight of the D-Crew Membership is the opportunity to join LIVE monthly clinics with some of the top practitioners and coaches in the world.  If you are unable to join live, D-Crew membership allows access to ALL previous, archived clinics and notes. 

As a D-Crew Member, you will be automatically granted access to the clinic archive when logged into your account.

To RSVP to the live monthly clinics, click the RSVP button below. 


Coaching Distance puts together comprehensive, daily training plans for Pre-Season Cross Country, In-Season Cross Country, Pre-Season Track and In-Season Track.  

These training plans have led individuals and teams to state championships and some of the top high school performances in the history of the sport. 


Each 30+ page plan includes: 

  • A long-term developmental training framework 

  • Biomotor skill development via pre/post run routines 

  • Daily programming and instruction

  • Printable Pre/Post Run Routines

  • Video Instruction (see "Video" link @ 

  • Training Intensity Chart

  • Race Pace Chart 

First, get your 100% OFF Discount and then apply the code at the store!


Brand new for D-Crew Members is "The Lab".  


The Lab is a members-only place for coaches to talk training via messages or video conferencing, share training documents and improve the general knowledge base of coaching pedagogy. 


Finally, your D-Crew Membership entails you to a 20% discount at and selected partners. 

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