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Training for the Cross Country Championship Season



I've coached for 18 years and I still have doubts when putting together training for the final weeks of the season. We want our athletes to have their best performances in the races that count the most.

There are many roads that lead to the top, but what I've found most successful with my teams is ignoring anything I see about peaking or tapering and simply use common sense.

When the big races approach, we don't add anything new and we don't do things that make kids tired.

The Experts

This coming Saturday (10/15), the D-Crew Clinic will be a little bit different. We'll have Juris Green (The Woodlands, Texas), Dave Frank (Central Catholic, Oregon) and Adam Kedge (Albuquerque Academy, New Mexico) on to answer questions regarding "Championship Season".

Collectively, these coaches have 85 years of experience, 50 State Championships, 17 NXN Appearances, US #1 Teams + state and national coach of the year awards.

You don't want to miss it.

Championship Season Training Plan

Something I wished I had as a young coach during the Championship season: a template.

The Championship Season Training Plan includes weeks structured for:

  • No races

  • Friday races

  • Saturday races

  • Sunday races

Additionally, there's a training chart and samples of ancillary training to help guide daily training.

I've used this type of plan with my teams to win team and individual Cross Country state titles and I am confident it will help your teams.

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