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Rachael Steil: Running in Silence (9/19)

This month's D-Crew Clinic will feature Rachael Steil of

From Rachael Steil:

"As coaches, we are generally aware of the possibility our athletes may have an eating disorder, but what are the subtle clues of the illness? How do athletes mask eating disorders to avoid scrutiny? How many athletes are affected? What is the best way for you as a coach to approach an athlete who may be struggling?"

To be honest, I don't know the answer to these questions and that's why I'm thrilled that Rachael Steil has agreed to present on eating disorders in runners for the D-Crew Members.

If you've wanted to try the D-Crew and take advantage of the current and archived clinics, use the Code: SEP19

You'll get to check out this impactful presentation & browse through all of the old clinics. If it's not what you had always hoped and dreamed of, just cancel before 30 days for no charge.


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Twitter: @running_silence


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