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Off-Season / Indoor Track Training Plans for the 800m, 1600m (Mile) and 3200m (3k)

New to coaching and need something to copy? Experienced coach looking for a way to implement comprehensive bio motor skill training into your programming?

I have used this plan to help kids on my team set big PR's, win state championships and even run Sub 4 in the mile.

It's Free for D-Crew Members (use the 100% store discount code) & just 29.99 for those than haven't taken the plunge into the D-Crew.


Training Pace Chart

  • Assign intensities that meet the goal of the workout and development of the athletes

Long-Term Development

  • Differentiated training for 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Year Athletes

Endurance Training

  • Lactate Threshold, 5k XC/10k Track Efforts, Long Runs, Progression Runs

Speed Training

  • Hill Sprints & 800-400m Paced Strides

  • 3k/Mile Rhythm & Effort Work

Strength Training

  • Body Weight, Light Resistance & Weight Room Options

  • Stability Routine

Mobility/Flexibility Work

  • Restoration Routine for Recovery & Long Run/Progression Run

  • Daily Pre-Run Mobility

Three Warm-Up Routines

  • Race Warm-Up (w/ Practice Option)

  • Tempo Warm-Up

  • Plyo Warm-Up

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