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Jogging, Sprinting and Everything in Between

This Saturday, I'm going to present on the concept that guides programming for my high school distance runners: balance. The presentation is titled: 400-5k: Long-Term Development for High School Runners.

The gist of the presentation is that high school kids should get a balanced dose of jogging, sprinting and everything in between.

If you're reading this website, you likely follow Steve Magness on Twitter. This morning, he posted something that I immediately loved.

It will behoove you to just read the whole thread, but essentially, Magness stomps out the notion that distance runners can't be "fast" and what matters is knowing when to program subtle shifts in training balance.

There are massive amounts of either/or and black/white paradigms in training philosophy; like, for some reason who have to pick sides.

And maybe you've had these types of questions in your mind / I have.

Do I need to be a Lydiard coach? Better hit up Amazon and start buying up all of his books before anyone else.
I'm a Daniels' guy: E, M, T, I, R all day, baby.
Oh shit, I have to start feeding cats now?!

And this isn't discrediting anyone; it's just that the answer lies somewhere in the middle and includes a little bit of all of these ingredients.

Particularly for high school kids.

Since you're still here, if you want to learn more about training balance and why I think it's good for the long-term development of high school kids, I'm going to talk about it Saturday morning.

Maybe I'll see you there!

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