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Foundations of Competitive Distance Running (Oh, and a FREE Clinic Code)

There's not many activities I'd rather do on a wild Saturday night (like tonight) than creep around online and find training resources I didn't previously know existed.

One such text was created by Joe Rubio, a fixture in American distance running for the better part of a half-century.

Perhaps THE BEST training guide my little brain has absorbed is Joe Rubio's training manifesto: "Fundamental Training Principles of the Competitive 1500m Runner". The 73 page manual has been somewhat of a training bible to me when I write training programs.

On Monday, February 20th @ 9 AM Pacific, Coach Rubio is going to present on the topic, " Foundations of Competitive Distance Running". You do not want to miss it. Personally, I know it's going to make my team better.

To sweeten the deal (it is February), I'm going to give the first month of D-Crew Membership FREE so that anyone that hasn't taken the plunge can dive into some of the best coaching content on the planet.

Just use the code: RUBIO and get your first month of D-Crew Membership FREE. You'll have complimentary access to ALL TRAINING PLANS and ALL of the previous CLINICS.

If you hate the value the D-Crew provides (you won't) then cancel anytime within the first 30 days and you're off the hook.

Contact me ( with any questions.

Hope to see you online Monday!

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