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Yard Sale: Classic Books!

Getting rid of some old running books. Time to send them to a new home!

How They Train (2nd Ed) : Volume 1: Middle Distances- Fred Wilt

800-Mile training from the greatest runners in history.



The Self-Made Olympian- Ron Daws

The classic training manifesto from Ron Daws. He details how he used the Lydiard system to become an Olympian.



On Running- Franz Stampfl

Roger Bannister's Coach and his training philosophy that helped make the first Sub 4:00 Miler.



How They Train: Half Mile to Six Mile- Fred Wilt (1959 Original)

The original How They Train book. Unbelievable content, especially the Herb Elliott detailed profile.



Pre!- Tom Jordan (1977)

The original Pre book. Very nice collectors item.


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