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12-Week Off-Season Cross Country Training Plan

400-5k Off-Season Cross Country Training Plan *Free for D-Crew Members The Coaching Distance Off-Season Cross Country Training Plan trains all bio motor skills (Stamina, Speed, Strength, Suppleness and Skill) in a systematic fashion to produce healthy, strong, fast and aerobically fit distance runners.

Included in the Training Plan

  • 32-Pages of Off-Season Cross Country Training Plan w/ detailed, daily training for all four training groups

  • Pre/Post-Run Training Intentory

  • Printable Pre/Post Run Routines on Single Pages

  • Training Intensity Chart to individualize workouts

  • Instructional Pre/Post Run Training Videos

  • Lifetime email support

Workouts have a long-term approach and are divided into four groups:

  • 4th Year Runners

  • 3rd Year Runners

  • 2nd Year Runners

  • 1st Year Runners

Each day of the training plan includes preparation, including:

  • Pre-Run Routines

  • DynaMob

  • Mini-Band Routine

  • Sprint Drills

The Primary Workout for the day, which includes

  • Long Runs

    • Recovery/Endurance Runs

    • Tempo Runs

    • Lactate Threshold Intervals/Fartlek

    • VO2 Training (10k/5k-3200m)

    • 1600-800m Race Pace Work

    • Acceleration & Max Speed

Post-Workout Routines (w/ video instruction for D-Crew Members)

  • Strength

    • Weight Room

    • Kettlebell / Dumbbell

    • Bodyweight Strength

  • Plyometric Work

    • Jumps, Throws & Skips

  • Core Circuit

  • Mobility Routine

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