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Race Pace Chart for High School Distance Running

The Coaching Distance Race Pace Chart is the handiest of tools for high school distance coaches.

At some point during the season, you're going to be doing some sort of race pace training.

If you're an aficionado of training history, maybe you'll dabble in some University of Oregon lore and use Bill Dellinger's "Date Pace / Goal Pace" work.

For most of us, we just want to give our kids a sense of pace.

A typical "pace conversation" with one of my high school athletes will be something like, "Mile (1600m) pace is faster than you think. We're going to start this workout a little slower than Mile pace, but I want the meat of the reps to be right at mile pace. And go ahead and crank out the last 1-2 if you feel okay."

How do you assign paces to large groups? The Race Pace Chart.

It's one of the FREE Resources D-Crew Members get, in addition to access to ALL of the exceptional monthly clinics.

Hop on the D-Crew page and check out the new chart!

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