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12 Week Off-Season Cross Country 5k Training Plan for High School Runners

I love researching training, tinkering with training and writing training plans. The 2024 Off-Season Cross Country Training Plan is the culmination of art, science and everything in-between.

As a new coach nearly two decades ago, I would have loved this document as simply a proven method to "copy", as it's a complete plan all of the way from warm-up to workout to post-run ancillary work.

Now, I devour every bit of training material I can to construct plans that blend the best in training science and coaching art. For veteran coaches, I hope this plan allows you to view training through a new lense or confirm concepts you already implement.

Regardless, I think you'll find value in the 2024 Off-Season Cross Country plan.

Updated Features:

  • Training Intensity Chart

  • Pre/Post Run Routines

  • Multiple Threshold Intensities

  • Enhanced User's Guide

  • Printable Ancillary Training Pages

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