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As a Cross Country and T&F Coach, summer is the time to learn!

Personally, I try to fit in as much new learning as I can in the off-season and then implement an item or two that I think will help my teams in the upcoming season. I don't like to start new books or read a lot of training-type articles during the season because I want my focus to be on my team and what they need.

There's a ton of good conversation on Coaching Distance Twitter and loads of free information on the Resource tab on this website. The best coaching education, however, is with a D-Crew Membership.

It's bare-bones cheap (14.99/mo) entry into a literal GOLD MINE of coaching knowledge. Next week, I'll be adding the full 10-Week Cross Country Off-Season Training Plan to the D-Crew Tools along with the Training Pace Chart and other tools already available free to D-Crew Members.

Additionally, D-Crew Members can join the Monthly D-Crew Coaching Clinics presented by where you'll learn from the best coaches in the business. D-Crew Members have on-demand access to ALL past coaching clinics and can RSVP to join any of the monthly clinics LIVE>.

Right now, D-Crew Members can view clinic videos, slides and supporting materials from:

The D-Crew: Affordable & Convenient Coaches Education

Sign up today to improve your coaching skills for the upcoming Cross Country season!

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