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Thank you so much for your interest is presenting at one of the online "D-Crew" webinars.  

Here is a bit of information on what the online coaching webinars entail: 


Online via Zoom.  I'll record the session and D-Crew Members have the option to join live, so there may be a few coaches on the Zoom that may want to ask questions. 


I will archive the clinic & slides (with your permission) for members who didn't join online or want to go back later and learn from the clinic.  Most members don't join live and watch the clinic at a later date. 


~45 minutes + a short Q&A afterwards



Variable.  I'd like you to choose a topic that you are passionate about.  If you go to the "CLINICS" menu at the top of the page, you'll be able to see what other coaches and practitioners have presented on. 


Slides, PDF, Powerpoint or notes that viewers can see and help to guide your presentation. 



If you agree to doing a clinic, I'll send a calendar where you can choose a preferred time/date and a biography form so that I can feature you and your team, work, etc. 

Thanks so much! 

Jesse Coy 

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