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Rachel Steil

Coach & Author

As coaches, we are generally aware of the possibility our athletes may have an eating disorder, but what are the subtle clues of the illness? How do athletes mask eating disorders to avoid scrutiny? How many athletes are affected? What is the best way for you as a coach to approach an athlete who may be struggling? Rachael Steil has delivered presentations at coaching clinics, high schools, and colleges across the country to share her story, create awareness, and bring hope to other coaches and athletes.

Rachael Steil, author of Running in Silence, is a nationally recognized eating disorder recovery speaker, cross country and track coach, 2010-11 All-American runner, and the recipient of the Aquinas College Outstanding Young Alumni award.


She has presented at coaching clinics, conferences, schools, and colleges with powerful stories of honesty and hope. Steil has appeared on The Dr. Nandi Show, WGVU’s Family Health Matters, and in Vogue Magazine, U.S. News & World Report, Women’s Running, and has written for Runner’s World and Techniques magazine.


Reviewed as a forthright, relatable speaker, Steil inspires coaches, athletes, or those in recovery to recognize a problem, speak out, and create change.


Instagram: @runninginsilence

Twitter: @running_silence



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