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Tools to Help Your Team Peak at the Right Time

Here's some tools to help you design training and mentally prepare your runners for the biggest Cross Country races of the year.

  1. I can't recommend the Championship Season panel enough. The insight I gained on how to approach the "big week" from this clinic helped my teams with both a boys and girls state championship this last weekend. With 50 combined state championships, coaches Juris Green, David Frank and Adam Kedge share wisdom that only championship experience can provide. I am literally BEGGING YOU TO WATCH THIS! It's so good.

  2. There's is great discussion going on right now in the D-Crew Member's Group. Coaches are sharing their final week's preparation before state meets which have led to at least three state team titles.

  3. Finally, if you just want some concrete, "here's what you should do" training heading into the championship season, check out the Championship Training Plan. It's free for D-Crew Members (use the 100% off code for store items) and just $14.99 for those not ready to jump into the D-Crew just yet.

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