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Meet the Southwest Contributor: Adam Kedge

In order to get some representation from all corners of the US, I invited a few outstanding coaches to volunteer as regional contributors for Coaching Distance.

Meet Coach Adam Kedge from the Southwest. Adam coaches at Albuquerque Academy in New Mexico and has an outstanding perspective on coaching and training. You can follow Coach Kedge on Coaching Distance here.

Get to Know Coach Adam Kedge.

The three most memorable performances your athletes/teams have produced?

  • US #1 XC ranking by High School Harrier 2007

  • National Gatorade Track and Field Athlete of the Year by Curtis Beach

  • 3rd place finish at Nike Cross Nationals in 2007

What would you do differently as a first-year coach?

I would understand that not every runners wants to reach their ultimate potential as a runner. Some high school runners run simply to develop friendship, self-confidence, and acceptance. Not every runner wants to be the best, and there may still be a place for those runners in high school athletics.

Best advice you’ve ever received, read, heard, etc. Sooner or later, good or bad, everyone gets what's coming to them!

Miles or minutes?


A memorable track or cross country photo.

Coaching my two sons has been one of the most cherished memories of my coaching career.

A quote.

Persistence prevails when all else fails. A book.

The competitive Runner's Training Book (Dellinger & Freeman)

A movie.

The Great Escape.

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