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High School Cross Country Training: Long Intervals & Fartleks

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Hopefully you've been able to read a Featured Program or two during the last couple of months. These articles offer a glimpse into some of the best high school distance programs in the US.

A commonality of these programs is the inclusion of weekly long intervals or fartlek training.

If you've never programmed this type of work into your team's schedules, here are some examples of what these workouts can look like.


Dennis Barker (Nova Classical Academy)

"4x1200m @ Race Effort with 3 minutes recovery."

Steven Montoya (Los Alamos HS)

"6-4-3-2-1 fartlek"

"Threshold/CV + Hills"

"800's-1200's intervals"

Juris Green (The Woodlands)

"long intervals, medium intervals, tempo runs"

Greg Coplen (Valor Christian)

"5x3min or 4x4min"

Justin Wrigley (St. Thomas Aquinas)

5-6x 4:00


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