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5 Gift Ideas for the High School Runner

If you have a high school distance runner on your Christmas shopping list, we've got you covered.

#1: GPS Watch

Every run has a purpose and a good GPS watch will help you complete every workout within the proper zone or pace range.

Garmin Forerunner 35

There are higher-end models of Garmin watches, but for what most high school runners need- a watch that's going to track pace and distance- the Garmin 35 is your best bet.

#2: Running Gear

Let's be honest, new running gear is awesome...and you can never have too much.

Short shorts

Brooks is a running company and my favorite Brooks apparel items are the shorts, particularly these beauties, the 5" Brooks Sherpa shorts. I like the quality liner, and the 5" length is not too short and not too long.

Warm-up pants

If you want a basic, functional pair of running pants that will work for cold-weather training and as a warm-up piece for race day, you can't beat the classic Brooks Spartan pants. I have an older pair (not this model) and they are still going strong.

A multi-functional running jacket

But the best-looking running gear almost always goes to Nike. You just can't beat the the sleek look of something like their Windrunner jacket, which is a classic Nike product. You can wear the Windrunner when you're pounding the pavement or throw it in the wash and wear it in casual settings.

#3: Training Shoes

If you're going to have a great Spring track and field season, you better be putting in the miles this winter.

Men's Brooks Ghost 13

I am LOVING the Ghost 13's right now. They're light, cushioned and have neutral last, which is going to be ideal for the majority of high school runners.

Women's Brooks Ghost 13

#4: Nutrition

Post-workout nutrition is an essential recovery tool that runners can use to help make the most out of each workout. These bars are easy to pack and will help jump start recovery or provide some energy after a long day in school.

The classic recovery bar by Gatorade.

...and when you just need some energy before practice after a full day in school.

#5: Injury Prevention

A healthy runner is a consistent runner- and consistency is how you improve. These tools are GREAT for taming hot spots and maintaining health.

Odoland Foam Roller Set

I've never purchased this package, but it has all of the tools that I recommend to high school runners for "homework" for everyday muscle tissue maintenance.

Disclaimer: “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.” So, basically if you click a link a buy the book, you help the website survive!

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Nov 26, 2020

Love the list. The GPS watch is a great find, lots of reasonably priced options for HS athletes.

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