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12-Week Off-Season High School Track and Field 800m, 1600m & 3200m Training Plan

The Spring 2024 Track & Field In-Season 800m-3200m Training Plan is now available and, as with all training plans, is FREE for D-Crew Members by using the code from the "Discount Codes" tab on the dropdown menu.

This 43-page training plan adheres to the Coaching Distance 400-5k philosphical system that I have used with my high school teams to produce state champions in every event from the 400 meters to the 3200 meters on the track and 5k Cross Country on the grass.

Athletes from my teams have earned over 190 medals at state meet competition and our most recognizable runner, Simeon Birnbaum, finished his high school career as one of the top Cross Country runners in the US along with having perhaps the best range of any high school distance runner

in history, running 8:34.10 for 2 miles, 3:57.53 (Mile), 3:37.93 (1500m) and 1:47.97 for 800 meters. I am 100% confident this training plan will bring your team success. EVERYTHING you need from a training standpoint is included in this plan. The Coaching Distance 800m-1600m-3200m Track and Field In-Season Training Plan trains all bio motor skills (Stamina, Speed, Strength, Suppleness and Skill) in a systematic fashion to produce healthy, strong, fast and aerobically fit distance runners. Workouts have a long-term approach and are divided into three groups:

  • 3rd & 4th Year Runners

  • 2nd Year Runners

  • 1st Year Runners

Each day of the training plan includes three sections:

  • Pre-Run Routines (w/ video instruction)

    • DynaMob

    • Mini-Band Routine

    • Sprint Drills

The Primary Workout for the day, which includes

  • Long & Medium-Long Runs

  • Easy and Steady Runs

  • Tempo Runs

  • Lactate Threshold Intervals

  • 5k Effort/Rhythm/Pace Reps

  • 3k Effort/Rhythm/Pace Reps

  • 1600m Effort/Rhythm/Pace Reps

  • 800m Effort/Rhythm/Pace Reps

  • Speed-Endurance (400m Effort)

  • Acceleration (Hill Sprints)

  • Max Speed

Post-Workout Routines w/ Video Instruction

  • Strength

    • Weight Room

    • Kettlebell/Dumbbell

    • Med Ball

    • Bodyweight

  • Power Series

    • Jumps, Throws & Skips

  • Core Circuit

  • Mobility Circuit

  • Warm-Ups

    • Tempo Warm-Up

    • Speed Warm-Up

    • Power Warm-Up


  • User's Guide & Training Commentary

  • 12 Week Training Plan w/ detailed, daily training for all three training groups

  • Printable Pre/Post Run Routines

  • Training Intensity Chart to individualize workouts

  • Race Pace Chart (800-3200m)

  • Instructional Pre/Post Run Training Videos

  • Lifetime email support

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