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Brooks Running 



My name is Jesse Coy and I am the owner of Coaching Distance, a space for coaches to learn, share ideas and connect.  

In the Brooks I.D. email from Jordan & Clara, there was an invitation for ideas on how the Brooks I.D. program could grow. ​ As you might presume from the link to this page...I've got one. 

I love the Brooks I.D. program and have been included for the last decade.  The discount codes and the swag are generous; the birthday gifts are the best!  However, I think the program could take the next step and become an invaluable tool for coaches. 


With Coaching Distance as the vehicle, I've been able to: 


  • promotes high school teams across the US

  • provides access to coaching resources

  • share comprehensive training plans for Cross Country & Track/Field 

  • help coaches utilize training tools like intensity charts and pre/post-run routines

  • connect coaches via Twitter (3k+) and the website (1k+ member coaches) 

  • write informative pieces on coaching and training 

I don't know if these items align with the purpose of the Brooks I.D. program, but I would be open to a partnership with the Brooks, as I know it would add real, tangible value to the ID program in addition to the discount and swag. 

Let's connect! 



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